The following classes are available globally.

  • Command class representing a Command that can be executed.


    Create a simple command

    var newCommand = Command(usage: "new") { flags, args in

    Create a command with costumizations

    var newCommand = Command(usage: "new",
                             shortMessage: "Use new to generate a new thing",
                             longMessage: "Long description",
                             example: "Example",
                             aliases: ["create", "generate"]) { flags, args in

    Create a command with configuration block and an execute block

    var rootCommand = Command(
      usage: "test", configuration: configuration, run: execute)
    private func configuration(command: Command) {
      command.add(flags: [
        // Add your flags here
      // Other configurations
    private func execute(flags: Flags, args: [String]) {
      // Execute code here
      print("test called")

    After creating a command, to execute it do:

    let command = ...
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    public class Command